Cali And Nasty integrate gymnastics and calisthenic based training with modern strength and conditioning. Together, these sessions underpin our BASE training system. From pull ups to muscle ups, squats and deadlifts, our Cali and Nasty classes are designed to teach and strengthen your primary movement patterns. With 4 sessions across the week have your strength and fitness base covered.
2 x CALI
UPPER BODY & CORE strength through bodyweight training
LOWER BODY strength, CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS, through a combination of resistance training and high intensity workouts.

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Combining mobility principles with gymnastic stretching techniques, this class is all about unlocking key positions to reduce the risk of injury and to optimise your strength and skill development. Upon mastering the basics, we explore advanced ranges of motion through higher level
skills such as splits, bridges, and walkovers.
2 x sessions in the week
these sessions improve range and function from head to toe.

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A staple of gymnastics training, requiring a long-term willingness to play and fumble – our handstand training is a powerful tool for re acquainting you with the process of learning complex skills. Guided by an obsession with good technique, we’re looking to build the perfect handstand from a bedrock of advanced core, and overhead strength and mobility. From getting you comfortable going upside down, all the way the way through to handstand walking, push ups and presses, we have a development pathway for anyone up for the challenge.

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We put all the pieces of our BASE training together in this dynamic, skills based class. From jumping and landing mechanics, rolls and round-offs, somersaults and handsprings – this class is the ultimate test of your athletic foundation. There’s no shortcuts here, we’re going to take the time to develop your body awareness, plyometric capacity and positional technique. With access to sprung floors, crash mats, foam pits, and expert physical spotting, we’ll ensure you learn in the safest way possible.

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Across two morning sessions in the week, the all-rounder program combines elements from all of our BASE classes into one complete foundational class. From handstands and flexibility, to basic skill development, this session is the ideal sample class for the beginner athlete and /or the perfect complement for the regular member

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Body Weight Based Strength, Stability & Skill Development.

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